Starting a Business once you’re a Parent

Parenthood can alter priorities beyond recognition, often affecting career decisions. The job that you loved prior to having children, can loose appeal once rigid working hours and expensive childcare options kick in.

The Start Up industry is growing at a rate of nearly 5% per annum. 2015 saw 608,100 new businesses started in the UK, with 200,000 based in London.

A demand for people to express individuality in all areas of their lives from clothes, to cakes, to home furnishings and gifts, has led people to leave the 9 – 5 and set up in industries they want to explore further.

Getting Started

Enthusiasm and skill are the main starting points you will need but what comes next? How do you let the world know that you are open for business?

Having a clear goal will help map out how to market your business. For example, offering a one person consultancy service is a very different product to creating celebration cakes. Consider who your target audience is and how you might reach them.


With the government urging all businesses to have a website by the end of 2017, it is safe to say that any initial marketing should be focused online. Many platforms offer free tools to help launch your business with confidence. Used in conjunction with Social Media channels to help promote your services, never has there been a better time to launch into the online world.

WordPress is the number one platform for websites, dominating over 60% of the market. Loved by bloggers and businesses alike, its ease of use, customisation and tools will help even the most time starved person run a business efficiently. There are 2 options with WordPress:

1 – using one of their free templates and creating a site address which will be….

2 – purchasing your domain name (this can be done for as little as £1.99 per year) from a registered provider (personally we like TSO Host). Once you have purchased the domain name, you can install WordPress on the domain, via your host. This option will give you much more flexibility as you will be able to choose and customise a template to exactly suit your needs.

If you don’t have the time or skill for this, contacting a website designer who specialises in WordPress sites can help take the headache out of it.


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the next important step. Without a good SEO plan it could take up to 2 years for your website to rank in the first 10 pages of Google. Specialist advice can cut through the noise of SEO quickly and effectively but if you don’t have the budget to chat to a specialist, an easy and effective way of managing SEO is via the Yoast plugin.

Social Media

Social Media is a must when trying to launch a new venture. It already has a well primed, engaged audience to whom to market your product. Try not to spread yourself too thinly when trying to establish a presence online and remember the golden rule of do one (platform) well, than many of them, badly. Posting regularly and engaging with your audience, will pay dividends for getting your new venture off the ground.

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