Getting your business started online

You have had the brilliant idea, put the funding in place, made the brave decision to quit the day job and have an idea of how you would like to market your new venture. Now what? 


This is the first place to start as websites tend to be a bit of a trial and error process. Web designers will bring their own ideas of how to display content to the table, as well as being able to offer thoughts on functionality and how to achieve your desired end result. Often the business owner and web designer will meet somewhere in the middle to get the best possible website for your new venture. 

Social Media 

Once the website has been mapped and designed to the first draft stage, it is time to concentrate on Social Media. With so many channels available which one will work best for your company? We often advise that it is better to do one or two social media sites well, than many of them badly. If you are planning on having a company run your social media accounts then it is best to work with them to engage the platforms they recommend and discuss strategy and goals with them. If you plan to run it yourself, look at social media accounts that you already use in your personal life, you are more likely to feel engaged with ones you are already using than wading into brand new waters. 

However much you use social media personally, it is always advisable to have some social media training specifically for running a business platform. 


Unless you are setting up an SEO company based on the years of SEO experience you have gained whilst working in the industry, it is best to outsource this area of your business. As major search engines, such as Google, change their algorithms frequently, people trained in SEO will know how to feed into this to ensure that your website ranks as highly as possible, as soon as possible. 


As with all industries, the online world develops and moves forward, daily. Whilst you can consider yourself to have good knowledge of how to market in the online world, there are always new tricks and tips to learn. Make a point of booking annual training to keep you in the loop of the best methods to maintain your online presence. 


Online marketing will get you far and if you handle your customer service well, people will feel that they know you as a brand and enjoy engaging with your company. Nothing will ever substitute face to face and business to business networking. There will most likely be many opportunities for business to business networking in your local area, often for a nominal fee which includes some sort of meal. Meeting and exchanging details with other companies can be invaluable, even when you’re in the same industry, if there is something they can’t do or are overcommitted, most people would rather recommend someone they know, than turn down business. 

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