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WordPress, once the new kid on the block, held up by HTML coders as the ‘easy way’ of building a website, is now the most popular platform. With 25% of all websites being powered by WordPress, this is one trend that is not going away.  

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According to Ofcom’s 2015 report, Smartphones have overtaken laptops as the most popular device for accessing the internet with 60% of all internet usage being via mobile devices. Therefore all websites should be responsive to the different requirements each smartphone and tablet need to display your site and ensure an excellent user experience. 


When using a HTML coder, your website will be as good as your developer. Get someone awesome and you could have a brilliant site. Get someone who is only just starting out and your website may reflect this. Once your site is live, the WordPress dashboard will allow you to keep it current and up to date without having to rely on the availability of the developer and the bills that stack up when using them. 


Whilst being marketed as the platform that people with no coding experience can use, it is not quite as simple as dragging and dropping your content until you have a fully functioning website. Most templates are huge and include many functions which can make navigating your way around them an intimidating experience. WordPress templates have an enormous amount of flexibility but trying to get it just right can be incredibly time consuming and include a lot of support with the template developer.  

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As with all things, there is a cost when developing websites which go far beyond the price of the template. When paying a WordPress developer for your website, alongside their time, you are paying for their experience. The more skills they have, the better the experience your audience should have of your website. Alongside the build of the site, there will be extensive testing, debugging, ensuring the site is responsive on all devices etc. When quoting for a WordPress site, the developers will be taking all these factors into consideration and including that in the price. 

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